Africa Expedition Cruises

Ke Nako! It is time!

…Time to discover the remarkable cultures of Africa's storied Atlantic coast with Silversea Expeditions. With Africa cruises, discover the less-visited western coast's rawness and innocence. It's still utterly authentic. This is a travel destination not to be missed. Silversea is proud to offer a series of expedition cruise itineraries that travel between Africa's southern waters where vast seabird colonies are sustained by the nutrient-rich upwelling of the icy Benguela current, along coastlines infamous for their historic role in the slave trade, and into the once-colonised northwest countries.

When going ashore, groups are kept small so explorations can be more in-depth, more unforgettable. During your Africa expedition, spot rare birds, colourful butterflies and wild monkeys on an intimate jungle trek, and enjoy a personal introduction to a variety of fascinating indigenous cultures. With Silversea’s Africa expeditions, you can learn about the origin of voodoo beliefs, admire the fishing skills of the Tofinu people, and spend an afternoon with the school children of a traditional Ewa village. The onboard team of expert naturalists will meet up with experienced local guides to offer the most enriching of eco-adventures imaginable.


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