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Florencia Palmaz, Wine Expert

Florencia Palmaz is CEO of Palmaz Vineyards in Napa, California.  Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, her passion for food and wine began while studying biology at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. "I was taking a full load of pre-med classes and was not sleeping well as a result of the stress. I found that reading cookbooks at night was the only way I could get to sleep. As a result, I started cooking all of the time to relax and even started a cooking group with my Biology study partners. The wine followed the food as a natural accompaniment." Wine has always been a part of Florencia’s life. "My father would frequently conduct blind tastings with the family, bringing several different bottles to the table and asking us to identify the country of origin." Her hobbies include sailing, cooking and cycling.

The Palmazes bought a forgotten stone winery, a fine old house badly in need of renovation, and acres of land that had once produced fine Napa wines. The little valley had been the site of Cedar Knoll Vineyard and Winery, founded in 1881 by Henry Hagen, one of Napa Valley's pioneer winemakers. Henry Hagen produced wines that garnered many awards, including a silver medal at the Paris Exposition of 1889. During that era, Cedar Knoll was one of Napa's premier wineries. The vineyards survived the Wine Country’s phylloxera infestation in the 1890s, but Prohibition was fatal. The winery fell into disrepair and the vineyards lay fallow for nearly eighty years. Today, the vineyards are burgeoning, the restored Hagen house is a family home again, and the winery has been reinvented. The family all lives on what is now the Palmaz Estate.

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