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Joining The Vessel

When you arrive on board the vessel you will meet the Crew Steward and your Department Head who will provide you with uniforms, acquaint you with the vessel and show you to your cabin. A Welcome Aboard Meeting for new crewmembers will be held shortly after you arrive on board. During this meeting you will be introduced to the Captain, Staff Captain and Hotel Director. They will inform you about the rules and regulations on board as well as answer any questions you may have.

Ship's Organisation

The Master (Captain) is the highest authority on board and in overall charge of the vessel. The Staff Captain reports to the Master and is second in command. He is in charge of safety, security, discipline and maintenance. The Chief Engineer is in charge of all technical aspects of the vessel. The Hotel Director is in charge of all the hotel services.

Crew Cabins

Because of limited space on the ship, most crewmembers share cabins. Sharing a room gives you the opportunity to meet different people and make lifelong friendships. The Staff Captain and Crew Steward will carry out inspections of the crew cabins on a regular basis. This is to ensure that the cabins are clean and follow all safety regulations.

Medical Centre

Medical care is an important benefit provided to all Silversea crewmembers. Any sickness should be treated before it spreads to fellow crewmembers and guests. All accidents or injuries must be reported immediately.

Mess Rooms

All crew meals are served in the crew mess room. There are additional mess rooms for petty officers and officers.

Crew Welfare / Crew Bar

Silversea takes great pride in the crew welfare on board their ships. The crew elects a welfare committee to address general matters concerning life on board and to take care of various arrangements such as sporting events, social events and management of the crew bar. The crew bar is open in the evening on most days. It is a nice place where you can relax and meet other crewmembers. All profits from the crew bar and other sources are reinvested in the welfare in accordance to the welfare committee’s decisions. Welfare activities depend entirely upon the interest and cooperation of each crewmember.

Each department elects one representative to attend all welfare meetings. With the wholehearted participation of everyone onboard, almost any need and interest can be covered through the welfare committee. Your free time on board provides an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with fellow crewmembers.

Internet and Telephone Communication

All Silversea vessels offer computers with Internet access for the crew at a nominal fee. Incoming private calls and faxes are forwarded to you through the ship’s Reception Desk. Outgoing calls can either be directly dialled from any ship’s phone or can be made through the ship’s radio station. Outgoing faxes are always handled through the ship’s radio station. Since all outgoing calls or faxes go through a satellite, the rate per minute is more expensive than when calling from land. Cellular phones are prohibited.

The Environment

Silversea takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously. The sea is Silversea’s home and business and requires maintaining strict and efficient environmental policies and routines. It is important that all staff be environmentally aware and play their part in ensuring that the ship’s operation be conducted in accordance with company and statutory requirements.