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Dear Crew Member,

We are looking forward to welcoming you on board one of the Silversea vessels.

Before your departure, there is some paperwork to be completed. From our Crew Department you have received your:

  • Employment letter incl. Employment contract (Exhibit A). Please sign all the pages and return it to V. Ships Leisure, Crew Department
  • Attestation letter. Please print out and keep in your passport when you travel to the ship

Additionally there are the following documents to be completed:

Pre-Embarkation Medical Examination

  • Please download the 'C105 Pre-Sea and Periodic Medical Fitness Examination for Seafarers' and the 'C105b Medical Certificate for Service at Sea'. Print these out and see your doctor (any doctor of your choice) to have the required tests done. Once completed, please forward a copy to V. Ships Leisure, Crew Department and take the original with you on board. The certificate is valid for one year. Please make sure it is valid through the length of your contract.
  • For ‘Food-handlers’(Galley, Dining Room and Bar Staff): Laboratory test of your stool is to include parasites and any bacteria (to be renewed each contract); forward a copy to the V. Ships Leisure, Crew Department and take the original onboard.
  • Drug and Alcohol test. If you are joining any of the Silversea vessels for the first time you are required to undergo a Drug and Alcohol test. Please ask your doctor to give you a separate statement for the following tests: Cocaine, cannabis, amphetamine, methamphetamine and phencyclidine as well as alcohol (liver functions to be checked for signs of alcohol abuse).
  • The amount reimbursed onboard for the medical check is listed in your Employment letter.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination is compulsory. Make sure that your Yellow Fever vaccination is also valid until the end of your contract and bring the proof onboard.

Bank Information
A minimum of 80% of your total salary will be transferred to the bank account of your choice. It is mandatory that this form be filled in completely and accurately with your bank details and sent back to our office prior your embarkation. Silversea will then be able to arrange a monthly remittance to your account. Failure to do so may result in a delay in receiving your wages.

Please down load the attached 'Request for Bank Details' and fill it in, print it, sign it and ask your bank to control and stamp it too. Forward a copy to V.Ships Leisure, Crew Department and take the original onboard.

In order to obtain correct and full bank details, please make sure to locate a person at your bank who is in charge of international money transfers and show this Bank Letter.

Acknowledgement of company policies
Please click on this 'Introduction to Company Policies' link and thoroughly read through the policies, which include:

  • Safety & Environmental Protection Policy
  • Harassment Policy
  • Drug & Alcohol Policy, Regulations and Advice
  • Discipline and the Code of Conduct

Download the 'C606 Crew Acknowledgment of Company Policies'; fill it in, print it out and sign it. Please take it onboard with your other papers.

Personal Information Form
Please click on this link and fill in the 'Personal Information Form'. It is very important that we have all the information, especially make sure that we have the complete emergency contact details (Next of Kin). Print it, send one copy to Silversea Cruise Department and take the original onboard.

C1&D Visa for the United States
The C1&D visa is a requirement, if you work onboard any of the Silversea vessels, regardless if the vessel you are joining is calling an at a US port or not. Make sure that your C1&D visa is valid throughout your contract plus 1 additional month. If you do not have a valid C1&D visa yet, please obtain such from the US embassy in your country of residence. Check their website www.usembassy.xx (xx = your country’s abbreviation i.e. it for Italy or de for Germany etc). The required Employment letter will be provided by the V.Ships Leisure, Crew Department.
The process might need some weeks, so please start immediately to be sure you have obtained your visa before joining the vessel.
Once received your C1&D visa, please send a copy to V. Ships Leisure, Crew Department.

Visa letter for the country of joining the vessel
Depending on your nationality and the port you are scheduled to join the vessel, you might need to apply for a Transit/Entry visa. The V. Ships Leisure Crew Department will provide you a letter that you need to present to the embassy or consulate in order to obtain the visa. Our port agent will issue additionally a Guarantee letter that will be sent to the embassy directly. A copy of such letter will be sent to you too. Please take both (Visa letter from V.Ships Leisure and Guarantee letter from the agent) to the Embassy/Consulate when applying for the Entry visa.

Seaman’s Record book Application
Silversea Cruises require all crew to have a valid seaman’s book when working onboard any of the Silversea vessels. If you are not a holder of a National Seaman’s book (issued from the country same as your Nationality), we kindly ask you to obtain a Bahamian Seaman’s Record book.
Please connect to: www.bahamasmaritime.com – go to 'Downloads' – STCW – Application for Seaman’s Record Book and follow the instructions. The V.Ships Leisure crew department will provide you the required 'Part II'.

Criminal records
If you are joining Silversea Cruises for the first time, we kindly ask you to provide an attestation from the police that you have no pending criminal record. Please send this Police Clearance to V. Ships Leisure, Crew department

Silversea Cruises CD Rom
If you are joining Silversea Cruises for the first time (in a position in the hotel department) you will receive from V.Ships Leisure, Crew Department a CD Rom. We kindly ask you to install the CD Rom on your computer. Take time to familiarize yourself with the Silversea vessels and service standards. It will help you a lot in the beginning of your career on board. Once you have completed the CD Rom you will be able to print a certificate, confirming that you have completed all steps of the introduction. Please present this certificate together with your joining documents to the HR Manager onboard.

Short summary:

Papers to be sent to V. Ships Leisure, Crew Department before embarkation, either by e-mail (attach scanned copy) or fax:

  • Countersigned employment letter including Employment contract (make sure all the pages have your initials on)
  • Form C105 A 'Pre-Sea and Periodic Medical Fitness Examination for Seafarers' Filled in and signed by your doctor, confirming that you are 'fit to work at sea' and Food handlers: Copy of Laboratory Stool test results.
    First joiners: Results Drug and Alcohol test
  • Copy of Yellow Fever vaccination booklet
  • Filled in Bank details request form
  • Letter from your bank (on your bank’s official paper) stating all the relevant information to transfer your wages to your bank account
  • Completed Personal Information
  • If you are a first joiner: Attestation from the police regarding your Criminal record

As soon as we have received all the required papers, your flight ticket will be issued and you will receive a copy.

Documents you need to carry with you when going onboard:

  • Passport, valid until 6 months after the end of your contract
  • C1&D Visa, valid for at least the length of your contract plus 1 month
  • Seaman’s book, if available
  • Signed Employment Agreement incl. Exhibit A
  • Medical Fitness Examination (Form C105)
  • Food-handlers: Laboratory Stool test results
  • First joiners: Drug and Alcohol test results
  • Yellow Fever booklet
  • Bank Details request form
  • Letter from your bank with relevant information
  • Filled in and signed C606 Acknowledgement of company policies
  • Filled in and signed page 39 of the Welcome booklet
  • First joiners: Certificate of completing all steps of the CD Rom
  • STCW95 Certificates if available
  • Completed Personal Information form

Officers joining the Marine Technical Department (Deck & Engine)

  • STCW95 Certificates
  • Appropriate licenses and certificates as required by regulations
  • Bahamas endorsement of your license(s)

All the above applies for new joiners as well as for returning Crew.


Cruise itineraries and port information:
Are available on www.silversea.com. It might be a good idea to give the link to your family.

Please inform your friends and relatives to send mail and packages to the port agents only and NOT to the Head Office in Fort Lauderdale or Monaco (packages and heavy items will NOT be forwarded to the vessel.
Make sure the letters or packages are addressed to:

Your Name / First name
Onboard Silver …. (name of the vessel)
Name and Address of port Agent

List with the port agent addresses will be given to you onboard.

There are Internet points set up within the Crew Recreation areas for your personal use, however it is at a charge. Wifi is also available in the crew cabin, again at a fee. How ever if you bring your own lap top, it is at your own responsibility and risk.

Check also our passenger website www.silversea.com for further information and if you don’t find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact V. Ships Leisure, Crew Department in Monaco.

Packing instructions

Checked-in luggage

  • Duffle bag / hard sided luggage: For storage reasons onboard it is smart to bring a duffle bag instead of hard sided luggage.
  • Required food wear (shoes, stockings, socks)
  • Any required accessories associated with your uniform (see under uniform section)
  • At least one warm change of cloth, as you might encounter colder climates during your embarkation
  • Books and MP3 players for your leisure time
  • Clothing for your leisure time
  • Alarm clock and Flash light
  • Toiletries for at least one month (including the one in your hand luggage).
  • Your smile Smile

(don’t forget, your storage place is limited, so choose wisely)


  • Passport
  • Cash / Credit Card
  • All documents you are required to bring onboard that allow you to sign on onboard the vessel, as per embarkation documentation
  • Emergency contact numbers, you were provided for your travel
  • Flight itinerary, printed
  • Cell phone/phone cards

We are wishing you a successful embarkation. Our crew onboard is what makes our product special. Thank you to help us succeeding.

V.Ships Leisure, Crew Department
On behalf of Silversea Cruises (the Owner)