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Intimate Cruising. Ultimate Luxury.


Explore remote regions. Discover Intimate Luxury

2016 Voyage Collection

The World of Silversea

2016 Expeditions Collection

The World of Silversea Expeditions

2016 Venetian World Odyssey

2016 World Cruise aboard Silver Whisper

Silversea Expeditions – Culinary 2016

Culinary Expeditions Voyages

Silversea Expeditions – Diving 2015/16

Diving Expeditions Voyages

Silversea Expeditions – Ornithology 2015/16

Ornithology Expeditions Voyages

Silversea Expeditions – Photography 2015/16

Photography Expeditions Voyages

Silversea Expeditions – Wellness 2015/16

Wellness Expeditions Voyages

Spice of Life

Culinary Expedition Voyages

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