World’s Priciest Food Item: It’s on the Menu at Le Champagne

Silversea guests dining at Le Champagne, the only Relais & Châteaux restaurant at sea, should feel like royalty. They have the opportunity to enjoy an over-the-top ingredient that is more expensive than the finest white truffles or caviar. At an estimated selling price of USD $15,000 per pound, edible gold leaf is the world's most expensive food, according to a list compiled by

At Le Champagne, our master chef applies the Midas touch to create what may well be the most decadent dish of risotto served anywhere on Earth. When gold leaf is added as an adornment, this simple, smooth and creamy Italian rice dish becomes an exquisite culinary indulgence -- following a tradition that dates back to the 16th century, when Italian dukes and earls decorated their risotto with gold leaves.

Apparently, gourmets and noblemen alike have known for a long time that gold not only dazzles the eye, but like calcium and iron, it is completely digestible.

Le Champagne's edible gold leaf risotto

Of course, there are many other delicacies to be savoured at Le Champagne with its new à la carte menu, which changes to reflect the season and destinations visited on the voyage.

Here are a few more sample dishes:

Lime and mango lobster appetiser

Maine lobster salad with mango salsa and osetra caviar

Roasted rack of New Zealand lamb with a fennel fondue and garnish
of thyme flowers

Reservations are required at Le Champagne, and while there are some pricey items on the menu, the dining fee is only $30.


Food photos: Aaron Saunders

Jul 12, 2012