Guess Who’s Speaking on World Cruise 2012

Emmy Award-winning former presenter of 20/20 Hugh Downs and bestselling author Bill Bryson (both pictured above) are set to join a remarkable array of renowned lecturers slated to host enrichment programmes aboard Silver Whisper's first-ever World Cruise in 2012.

We searched the globe to find just the right professors and distinguished personalities to share their knowledge and insights. The result is an impeccable enrichment roster that is sure to enhance our guests' travel experience. Among those already tapped to host enriching presentations are:

Hugh Downs: One of the most familiar figures in American television, best known for his 21 years as co-presenter of ABC's 20/20 news programme, will host Voyage 4203, 23 January - 5 February, Rio de Janeiro to Cape Town.

Bill Bryson: The celebrated author, whose numerous international bestsellers include the science book A Short History of Nearly Everything, winner of the Aventis Prize, is slated to host Voyage 4206, 3 - 14 March, Singapore - Shanghai.

Nigel West: Renowned military historian specialising in intelligence, counterintelligence and security issues, his many books include At Her Majesty's Secret Service, will host Voyage 4205, 16 February - 3 March, Mauritius - Singapore.

Daniel Silke: A politician and international affairs expert, who served four years as a Member of Parliament in the Western Cape Provincial Parliament in Cape Town, is slated to host Voyage 4203, 23 January - 5 February, Rio de Janeiro to Cape Town.

Robin Hanbury-Tenison, OBE: Founder and president of Survival International, the world's leading organisation supporting tribal peoples, and named by The Sunday Times as "the greatest explorer of the past 20 years," will host Voyage 4202, 7 - 23 January, Fort Lauderdale to Rio de Janeiro.

James Bradley: World War II scholar and bestselling author of Flags of Our Fathers (his father raised the US flag over Iwo Jima in 1945), will host Voyage 4207, 14 - 26 March, Shanghai - Bangkok.

Philip Hurst: Historian and world affairs expert, this former deputy director of The Australian Institute of International Affairs, will host Voyage 4208, 26 March - 13 April, Bangkok - Dubai.

Tim Hughes, PhD: Former lecturer in political studies at the University of Cape Town and consultant to the BBC since 1994, working as an adviser on national elections, Zimbabwe and Nelson Mandela, will host Voyage 4204, 5 - 16 February, Cape Town - Mauritius.

Dr Mark H Elovitz: The internationally acclaimed world affairs commentator and lecturer, who served as a professor of law, a litigator, government advisor, historian and US Air Force officer, will host Voyages 4206 - 4207, 3 - 26 March, Singapore - Bangkok.

Dr Herb Keyser: Author of numerous books and featured on several US television programmes, including Nightline, the physician, world traveller and music expert will host Voyage 4209, 13 April - 1 May, Dubai - Monte Carlo.

On 6 January, Silver Whisper will embark guests in Fort Lauderdale for a remarkable 115-day World Cruise that concludes in glamourous Monte Carlo. On this magnificent odyssey, her guests will visit 45 ports in 27 countries stretching from the Caribbean and South America to Africa, the Far East, Arabia and Europe. Along the way, they will enjoy 13 overnight visits and exclusive insider access to seldom seen global treasures.

Jun 13, 2011