Standing on the ship's bridge are (left to right): Álvaro Garnero, Silver Shadow's Captain Ignazio Tatulli and Brazilian author José Ramalho, co-presenter of the 50 por 1 show.

Inspired by the far-flung adventures of Phileas Fogg in Jules Vernes' Around the World in Eighty Days, Brazilian TV presenter Álvaro Garnero recently embarked Silver Shadow for part of his own eighty-day worldwide trek. He set off from London on 27 August and will arrive back in London on 15 November, travelling solely on ships and trains -- no airplanes.

His adventures will be featured on the 50 por 1 series, scheduled to air next January on TV Record (Brazil's second-largest TV network), Record News, Record International and Europa News in over 100 countries. The popular Brazilian TV series features travel and leisure programming with a focus on luxurious, exotic and unique experiences.

We're delighted our beautiful Silver Shadow could be Mr Garnero's home upon the seas for a portion of his amazing odyssey, and wish him well on his continuing global journey.

Boa viagem!

Sep 27, 2010