Christian Sauleau, Executive Vice President of Fleet Operations, sailed aboard Silver Spirit last week during sea trials and shares some new photos and details.

I can sum up my recent visit to Silver Spirit with just one word: "Amazing!"  During my long career in the cruise industry, I've been involved with the construction of 7 ships and this is the first time I have felt such immense excitement watching how beautifully everything is coming together. 

With about 70% or more of the ship completed, Silver Spirit is on schedule to meet her delivery date in December, and we are starting to see many of the distinctive design elements taking shape that will put this ship in a class all her own.  Or should I say in an era all her own?  There's an unmistakable sense of the 1930s with an Art Deco influence throughout the decor, and yet this ship has all the modern amenities to remind you it's the 21st century.

Let's start with the Reception lobby on Deck 5.  In the photo above, you can see the magnificent Art Deco-style chandelier that graces the ceiling in the upper right corner.

Tradition and innovation are artfully blended together in the Vista and Veranda Suite vanity table (above), which will feature a special two-way mirror with a TV behind it.  It's called a mirror TV.  When the flat-screen TV is on, you see the display.  Turn off the TV and you see your reflection.  There will be two TVs in all suites!  (Only the Vista and Veranda Suites will have mirror TVs.  Larger suites will have regular flat-screen TVs.)

Two elegant vessel sinks sit atop the bathroom vanity of the Silver Suite (pictured above).  Note the sconces on the mirrors echo the Art Deco theme.  The walk-in shower (sans door in photo) features a very 21st-century rainforest shower head.

The oversized oval bath with Jacuzzi whirlpool (featured in Silver, Grand and Owner's Suites) is so large it can accommodate two bathers at once (above photo).

As you can see, I'm not exaggerating about how large these baths are!  Well, I have more news and photos to share, so stay tuned for future posts. 

Sep 14, 2009