Christian Sauleau, Executive Vice President of Fleet Operations, posts the last in a series of blogs offering photos and details from his recent visit aboard Silver Spirit during sea trials.


In previous posts, I've talked a bit about the Art Deco inspiration for Silver Spirit's décor and her enhanced amenities, such as the dramatically expanded spa and fitness offerings.  In keeping with Silversea's awareness of the importance of environmental conservation, I'd like to take a moment now to mention a couple of Silver Spirit's technical and design innovations that are environmentally friendly, and in many instances (as you'll see below), even beautiful. 

Before we get to the aesthetic benefits, let's start with the purely technical side of the eco-friendly advances.  Possibly the most important is Silver Spirit's diesel-electric propulsion system, comprised of four Wartsila 9L38 (6,750-Kw) diesel engines, two 8,500-Kw electrical propulsion motors, one auxiliary 800-Kw diesel engine and two 1,000-Kw bow thrusters.

A diesel-electric engine design allows much of the engine power to shut down when power demand is less, reducing fuel usage and air emissions.  Other advantages include reduced vibration and noise.

Providing further fuel conservation is the ship's state-of-the-art navigation system, employing the latest NACOS system with speed pilot option (produced by SAM Electronics), which allows automatic optimal control of speed in varying sea conditions.  (We have this technology on Silver Shadow and Silver Whisper, too, but Silver Spirit's is a bit more advanced and efficient.)


Silver Spirit also incorporates some important lighting innovations, as displayed by the sky-lit main staircase (above photo), which is designed to maximise the use of natural light.


Here's another view of the main staircase, looking up from Deck 4 (above photo).


The Bar (above photo), located on Deck 5, uses highly energy-efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting for visually pleasing back-bar illumination, further reducing fuel consumption.  Additionally, the longer life span of LED bulbs reduces waste.


The beautiful Art Deco ceiling lights in Le Champagne (above) also employ LED illumination.


And these colourful ceiling panels in La Terrazza incorporate LED bulbs.  This extremely energy-efficient lighting concept is used as much as possible throughout Silver Spirit

Sep 28, 2009