The islands at the western end of the Pacific are some of the most idyllic on Earth, lush, tropical edens with a dazzling diversity of cultural and natural landscapes. There are four states in Micronesia, each with its own distinctive culture and rich traditions, yet with common cultural bonds such as the importance of the clan system, and a traditional lifestyle centred on gardens, reefs and ocean ancestors. 

Oceania's biodiversity is simply astonishing. This is a geologically complex region of unique ecosystems and species, above and beneath the warm tropical waters, and you will have plenty of opportunity to experience both with our frequent Zodiac outings. You can search for the Bird of Paradise in Papua New Guinea, dive on WWII wrecks in the Solomon Islands, swim with Spinner dolphins and join Sing-Sings and Welcoming Ceremonies to experience the exuberant hospitality of these warm-hearted people.

Further east lie the emerald isles of Polynesia — Fiji and Tonga with their jaw-dropping beauty, the Marquesas, jewels of French Polynesia, and the lush islands of Samoa. Accept the challenge of a Cook Island warrior. Swim and snorkel in the gin-clear lagoons of Tahiti. Dive in the Marove Lagoon, James Michener's "8th Wonder of the World. While in complete contrast are the motu-laced calderas of the Tuamotu Archipelago - exquisite low lying atolls offering some of the best diving in the world.

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Nov 03 2014 18 9418 Silver Discoverer Cairns, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand $12,750
Feb 08 2015 13 9504 Silver Discoverer Auckland, New Zealand to Honiara, Solomon Islands $9,250
Feb 21 2015 17 9505 Silver Discoverer Honiara, Solomon Islands to Koror, Palau $12,150
Sep 28 2015 16 9520 Silver Discoverer Koror, Palau to Lautoka, Fiji $14,550
Oct 14 2015 12 9521 Silver Discoverer Lautoka, Fiji to Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia $10,850
Oct 25 2015 10 9522 Silver Discoverer Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia to Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia $9,050
Nov 04 2015 14 9523 Silver Discoverer Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia to Apia, Samoa $12,650
Nov 19 2015 18 9524 Silver Discoverer Apia, Samoa to Honiara, Solomon Islands $14,250
Dec 07 2015 12 9525 Silver Discoverer Honiara, Solomon Islands to Auckland, New Zealand $8,550
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